CENTROID LAB's licensing philosophy for its software suite of products by Usage Type (Neutrino suite).


CENTROID LAB is happy to provide its Neutrino suite as free to use for Research and Academic purposes as Freeware. Our engineers stand by to help students and professors and academicians for their research and education.


For Commercial Licensing, CENTROID LAB makes their Neutrino suite available in many easy to engage licensing models and options working with our customers to suit their specific usage, capex/ opex budgetary requirements and project needs best. All models will include a Service and Support Agreement.


CENTROID LAB works with non-commercial entities like not for profit organisations, including National Labs and other government agencies in furthering cutting edge research and science.The licensing model makes the Neutrino software suite available for use typically per a Client Access License (CAL) model for non-commercial use for specific named projects, with a mandatory chargeable Service and Support Agreement.


# Licensing Model Description Applicability
1 Device Also known as ‘machine based’. License is locked to an individual machine ALL USAGE CRITERIA (Typical)
2 User License is assigned to a named user who must be identified to ensure the license agreement is validated and the license terms are adhered to. ALL USAGE CRITERIA (Typical)
3 Networked (WAN & LAN) A license that covers machines that is on the same network infrastructure. This is either in Wide Area Network or a Local Area Network format. Also known as ‘concurrent license’. COMMERCIAL USE (Custom per request)
4 Subscription (user or device) License only available during time of subscription. No rights to use it pre or post agreement dates (unless agreement renewed). COMMERCIAL (in conjunction with CAL or Cloud based credits)
5 ‘Cloud based credits’ Cloud credits are the unit of measurement required to perform certain tasks or rights to run certain applications provided by the vendor. Hosted in the cloud and are usually a subscription model. COMING SOON
6 General License License and software available for free. Allows users to use, share, copy and modify the software. Separate legal metrics to ‘freeware’. NOT AVAILABLE
7 Client Access License (CAL) Both device and user metrics) – Allows users to connect to server software to use the software’s features/functions. ALL USAGE CRITERIA (Typical)
8 Capacity Based License License is based on the capacity of the CPU/Hard Drive or other hardware configuration elements. COMMERCIAL (Not typical, for specific heavy duty requirements only)
9 Freeware License requires no purchase but the copyrights are still held by the developer. Developer can sell the software in the future and does not distribute the source code. ACADEMIC USE only

CENTROID LAB's suite of products contains components that form an integrated solution for specific modelling needs, with the ability to rapidly assemble the components so required for specific project or customer requirements – be it 3D scenario and event modelling using multiple solvers and data/ parameter input mechanisms, PRA (fire and other fluids), CFD related conditions both grid and particle based problem statements with applicability across multiple industries from Nuclear Power to Chemical to Oil and Gas to Automotive to construction to name a few. Get in touch with us to provide you with the licensing model most suitable for your specific requirements.